Honest Comparison between dbsnOOp and SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor – 3 Weaknesses and Strengths

July 6, 2023 | por dbsnoop

SolarWinds APM e dbsnoop Flightdeck
SolarWinds and dbsnOOp Flightdeck


Database monitoring and observability are essential for ensuring optimal performance and continuous availability of database systems. In this article, we will compare two popular monitoring platforms: DBSnoop, a disruptive platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and advanced forecasting, and the SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor. We will analyze three strengths and three weaknesses of each of these solutions.



a) Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Forecasting: DBSnoop stands out for its ability to use artificial intelligence algorithms and predictive analytics to prevent failures, identify bottlenecks, and avoid database downtimes. This advanced approach enables operations teams to act proactively and take corrective measures before issues negatively impact performance.

b) Comprehensive Monitoring: DBSnoop provides comprehensive database monitoring, offering insights into performance metrics, resource usage, and overall system health. It provides a real-time view of the database environment, allowing for detailed analysis and quick issue identification.

c) Scalability and Support for Different Databases: DBSnoop is scalable and compatible with various database systems, enabling companies to efficiently monitor complex and heterogeneous environments. Its adaptability to different database technologies is a significant advantage.



a) Localization: dbsnOOp is available in Brazilian Portuguese, English (United States), and Spanish, with no forecast for availability in other languages at the moment.

b) Integration with Other Tools: DBSnoop may have limitations in terms of integration with other existing tools and systems. This could hinder the synchronization of collected data with other monitoring solutions or established IT management processes.

c) Customizable Dashboards and Widgets: As of the publication of this article, dbsnOOp does not offer the ability to create custom reports and dashboards. This feature is in the roadmap with an expected release in December 2023.

SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor:


a) User-Friendly Interface: SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It simplifies database monitoring, allowing users to quickly access relevant information, view performance metrics, and receive alerts about potential issues.

b) Real-time Monitoring: Despite some flaws and inconsistencies, the platform provides real-time monitoring, enabling database administrators to have an immediate view of performance and system health. This helps identify issues quickly and take corrective actions promptly.

c) Detailed Reports: SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor offers detailed reports on database performance, historical trends, and long-term analyses. These reports assist in analyzing past performance and identifying patterns for future improvements.


a) Customization Limitations: SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor may have limitations regarding customization and adaptation to the specific needs of a database environment. This could be a constraint for companies requiring more personalized configurations or specific metrics.

b) Limited Database Support: While the SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor supports various popular databases, there may be limitations regarding more specialized or less-known technologies. This could restrict its applicability in environments with less common databases.

c) Dependency on Cloud Connectivity: The SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor is cloud-based, which may create a dependency on internet connectivity. In environments with unstable connections or in organizations requiring greater control over their data, this could be a concern.



Both DBSnoop and SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor are database monitoring platforms with distinct strengths and weaknesses. DBSnoop stands out for its use of artificial intelligence and advanced forecasting, while SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor offers a user-friendly interface and detailed reports.

The choice between these solutions will depend on the specific needs of each organization, the available budget, the complexity of the database environment, and the desired level of customization. It is essential to carefully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each platform to select the one that best suits the database monitoring requirements of the company.

In terms of acquisition cost, dbsnOOp presents a very attractive price compared to the price of SolarWinds DPM (Database Performance Monitor).

It is important to note that dbsnOOp is a Brazilian product, developed and created by experienced Database Administrators (DBAs), and the company is located in the Technology Park of São José dos Campos, incubated by Nexus Hub de Inovação, standing out among the top 5 innovation hubs worldwide.

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