Security and predictability to keep the public sector running smoothly.

Know who accesses, from where, and from which machine, and keep your environment secure with complete visibility. Real-time 24/7 monitoring with insights to see what's happening inside and outside your database.

Find out the security and privacy that the public sector needs.

With dbsnoop Flightdeck solutions, the database is in good hands. Through access control and audits, we prioritize the protection of public and confidential data first. This gives you the autonomy to monitor, manage, and protect citizens’ data.

Gain more observability and audit access control.

Our solution monitors your database non-invasively, performing maintenance and data protection, so you have control in decision-making.

Understand in practice how dbsnOOp Flightdeck assists the public sector:

With cloud computing:

Optimize cloud capacity and monitoring.

Receive scalable alerts, gain insights, and pathways to resolve failures and incidents occurring in the public cloud in real-time.

Protect public data full time.

Ensure database security based on predictive analysis reports, event history, and observability of the standard behavior of failures and attempted frauds.

Stay one step ahead of failures.

Address issues predictively through the visualization of the control panel for all monitored servers. Alerts, infrastructure, and availability with warnings, status, performance metrics, graphs, and other indicators.

With Compliance:

Ensure fundamental compliance for the public sector.

Monitor in accordance with government sector regulations, ensuring transparency and ethics of public data. Based on scalable alerts and full-time observability.

Optimize problem resolution with business insights.

Configure and enable different team users to be alerted in real-time about incidents and pathways for resolving failures.v

Protect your network for the future.

Interprete com insights o histórico de eventos e comportamento do banco de dados. Monitore e gerencie de forma proativa, com agendamento de comandos e instancias.

With Cibersecurity:

Identify threat patterns and prevent fraud.

With 24/7 monitoring, observability, and business insights, you gain robust security for cloud data. Real-time performance tracking identifies problematic areas, all in one solution.

Relationships between real-time event history.

Detect patterns of fraudulent behavior and server routine, observe the path to problem resolution, and make a decision to protect the database.

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