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List Tables in Any Database

There are many daily tasks that database administrators (DBAs) and even developers perform. Additionally, individuals frequently have to carry out these activities and complete tasks using technology that are unfamiliar to them. Listing Tables is the most common..

How to find out if the query is too poor?

If you are not a mad genius of the galaxies and you are convinced that you know everything about databases and queries, you certainly have doubts about the behavior and the cost that a query will represent for the database.

DBA: what is it?

Database administrator, sometimes known as DBA, stands for that term. The DBA is a specialist who develops plans to guarantee data integrity. A database administrator keeps track of a system's data consistency and improves speed to get the most out of it.

What is Replication?

Replication in a database system refers to maintaining a copy of all of your data on a different server or site. Replication can be used as part of a wider solution to lessen system failures, as a support for the backup of several databases, and to handle a variety of other issues.

MySQL 5.6 - ISL Files

InnoDB introduced *.isl (InnoDB Symbolic Link) files in MySQL 5.6 to help users find the data files for tables created using the CREATE TABLE command. DOCUMENT DIRECTORY. Because they are not located in the same data directory as regular file-per-table tablespaces, InnoDB refers to them as remote tablespaces.

What are literals in MySQL?

If we look in the dictionary: literals are meanings. Description of something in the form of text. In MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, or any other database, a literal is the content of a variable, or simply a value offered for comparison.


innotop is a Perl script created to extract important information about the inner workings of the InnoDB storage engine. As of version 5.4, we now have information about active transactions, locks, InnoDB Buffer Pool status, etc., through tables added to the MySQL catalog, also known and represented by the information_schema database.

MySQL on Amazon AWS: RDS or EC2?

Guys, it’s been two days since the Star Wars movie premiere. Height anxiety level 🙂

But, you didn’t come here to talk about Star Wars. So let’s get down to business, and leave the dark side of the force to illuminate your mind.

MySQL: Are sleep connections an issue?

I've being working with MySQL since 1994. Yes, too much time to count. Let it go.

Why monitoring softwares don't solve the problem?

There are many monitoring software/tools out there. Some very good, others not so much.

NOC challenges: Sizing, Costs and Known Problems

Who takes care about your database and applications during night, weekends and holidays? The answer is the NOC (Network Operations Center). Building a NOC from the scratch is not an easy task.

Getting bored reading tons of alerts on your mailbox?

There are a lot of monitoring softwares out there such as Nagios, Zabbix, Idera, SQLMonitor, Aim Better, Data Dog, Solarwinds, etc. Yes, there are so many vendors and brands you can't even count them using your bare hands.

Database Monitoring: What should be monitored at database servers?

Database Monitoring has an important role for every application and business. What should be monitored? Which Metrics?

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