Case Study: Increasing SLA and NPS of a Well-Known Online Gaming Company (3 Positive Impacts)

July 6, 2023 | por dbsnoop

Estudo de Caso? Jogos Online, SLA e NPS
Online gaming with higher SLA and NPS


In this case study, we will explore how an online gaming company utilized the DBSnoop monitoring and observability platform to significantly improve its Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). We will see how precise recommendations issued by DBSnoop’s Copilot helped the company optimize its application performance and increase user satisfaction.

Online Gaming Company

The company in question is a renowned developer of online games with an active user base worldwide. Its games are highly popular, attracting millions of players daily. However, the company faced challenges related to the stability of its database environment and the performance of its applications, impacting both user experience and its reputation in the market.

Challenges Before DBSnoop

Before adopting DBSnoop, the company struggled to identify and resolve issues in a timely manner. The operations and application development team was constantly reacting to incidents and failures, resulting in an SLA of only 93.7%. The lack of visibility and control over the database environment made proactive decision-making and continuous system improvement challenging.

Additionally, the company recognized that user satisfaction was crucial for the ongoing success of its online games. However, without a comprehensive monitoring solution, understanding the needs and expectations of players was difficult, negatively affecting the company’s NPS.

DBSnoop Implementation and Achieved Results

After implementing DBSnoop, the company experienced a significant shift in its monitoring and observability capabilities. The platform provided a comprehensive, real-time view of the database and application environment, delivering valuable insights and precise recommendations for optimization.

Through DBSnoop’s Copilot, an advanced AI and ML-assisted assistance feature, the company had a virtual partner constantly analyzing database environment telemetry and providing actionable recommendations for performance improvements, early issue identification, and failure prevention.

SLA Improvement

With precise recommendations from DBSnoop’s Copilot, the company was able to optimize its database environment and significantly improve its SLA. The average time to resolve issues was drastically reduced, enabling greater availability and performance of applications. As a result, the company’s SLA increased from 93.7% to an impressive 99.8%.

This substantial SLA improvement directly impacted the user experience. Players experienced fewer interruptions and game failures, resulting in a smoother and more satisfying gaming experience.

NPS Increase

In addition to the positive impact on SLA, the adoption of DBSnoop also contributed to a substantial increase in the company’s NPS. With enhanced stability and reduced interruptions in games, players expressed greater satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

Following the implementation of DBSnoop, the company recorded a 15-point increase in its NPS. Players felt valued, recognizing the company’s efforts to provide a high-quality gaming experience.


This case study highlighted how an online gaming company achieved significant improvements in its SLA and NPS through the adoption of DBSnoop. The monitoring and observability platform offered a comprehensive, real-time view of the database and applications, allowing the company to identify issues quickly and efficiently.

The precise recommendations from DBSnoop’s Copilot were instrumental in optimizing application performance, preventing failures, and enhancing user satisfaction. With an increased SLA to 99.8% and a 15-point improvement in NPS, the company strengthened its reputation and gained a competitive edge in the online gaming market.

By adopting DBSnoop, the company demonstrated its commitment to providing a high-quality gaming experience and meeting player expectations. With a reliable platform and advanced AI and ML-based features, DBSnoop proved to be an effective solution for improving operational efficiency and the business success of companies relying on stable and high-performance database systems and applications.

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