Security to keep your business up and running.

Gain visibility into user access and keep your database secure with real-time monitoring.

Don't leave patients without assistance due to instabilities.

Ensuring security without compromising agility is no easy task. To avoid jeopardizing an individual’s healthcare, it is essential to monitor, manage, and make predictive decisions. This is achieved through robust security and privacy measures to facilitate access in hospital care.

Resolve healthcare challenges with agility and high performance.

Our solution monitors your database non-invasively, performing maintenance and data protection, so you have control in decision-making.

Understand in practice how dbsnOOp Flightdeck assists the healthcare sector:

Visualize the entire database performance with just one click.

Monitor and manage the database, identify alerts, infrastructure, availability, and performance status through graphs and performance indicators all in one place.

Manage access for your team.

Grant access rights to users on your team and have control over database monitoring and auditing. Know who accessed, when they accessed, and what activities were performed.

Gain observability and pathways to solutions.

Go beyond observability, receive Artificial Intelligence-based solutions, and have even more intelligence, performance, and insights for decision-making.

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