dbsnoop: more security and efficiency in decision making

Our purpose is to bring more intelligence and performance to companies that cannot stop.

We are a startup focused on innovation and incubated in the Nexus Program of the São José dos Campos Park of Technological  Innovation (PIT), a reference in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, recognized as one of the 5 best private business incubators in the world according to UBI Global, an intelligence organization in innovation based in Sweden, which annually prepares a worldwide study in which it maps and evaluates the best practices of business incubators and accelerators around the world.

about the company

Founded in 2020 on Brazilian soil, dbsnoop was born from the desire to bring innovative solutions that help solve the daily problems of IT managers, DBAs and also companies that need more predictability and data control.

The brand was born to solve the instability and inconsistency of monitoring database management faced by the founder of HTI Tecnologia and dbsnoop, Alexandre Almeida. With his experiences in the technology sector and challenges faced in the area, he identified that it would be possible to develop a solution that would deliver more accurate diagnoses, predictive analyzes and path insights for quick solutions, avoiding losses and failures in the database.

Alongside Vinicius Gouveia, DBA manager, MySQL certified since he was 15 years old, he realized that professional DBAs spent extra hours dedicated to shifts, without being able to switch off outside of business hours to keep the business up and running properly. All this in order to solve unexpected systemic failures, slow queries and inaccurate diagnoses without the support of a technology.

Together with Rodrigo Danieli, system analyst and developer, responsible for navigability and backend programming of the tool, the three developed dbsnopp Flightdeck. The first product launched by dbsnoop, a brand capable of monitoring any mobile asset and going beyond the database. With the creation of the dbsnoop Flightdeck tool, they shaped a new way of monitoring data management with excellence through artificial intelligence.

A solution that won over even the IT department of major brands such as Nike, Infracommerce, Banco Itaú and Porto Seguro, in addition to HTI Tecnologia itself, due to its excellence in understanding behavior patterns and analyzing trends. In addition to reducing costs and bringing more intelligence to teams that use the tool. dbsnoop Flighdeck is the complete solution for small and large businesses, it helps IT teams to manage their servers and anticipate problems quickly and efficiently, with high performance.

Currently, dbsnoop participates in the incubator Nexus do Parque Tecnológico and with the success of the tool, they opened a branch in Florida in the United States, in which they intend to expand the areas of activity beyond databases.

meet the minds behind dbsnoop

Alexandre Martinho de Almeida, Entrepreneur and data specialist. Founder of HTI Tecnologia, an application company, with experience in the markets of the United States and Europe. Worked as a consultant for 10 years at MySQL, served as a data scientist at SaaB/Medav of the Brazilian Army, and led various technology projects.
With over 35 years of experience in databases, he founded the management and monitoring platform dbsnoop to assist IT teams in observing data assets.

Vinicius Gouveia, bachelor in System Analysis, MBA from FGV/SP and MySQL certified, since he was 15 years old. He participated in different projects in the technology area, he is co-founder of dbsnoop, responsible for the platform’s system engineering area, contributing to predictive insights and AI behavior for alert handling.

Rodrigo Danieli, graduated in System Analysis and Development at Senac, started his studies in programming and technology at the age of 17 and has been working with web systems development ever since. At dbsnoop he is responsible for programming the backend of the dbsnoop Flightdeck tool in a simple and intuitive way.


To be the reference monitoring platform, helping our customers to scale their businesses without worrying about their databases and to be among the 5 largest companies in monitoring solutions.


Develop an intelligent and efficient monitoring platform that provides predictive information, avoiding customer service downtime. In addition to providing greater availability and reliability, reducing monitoring costs and unplanned downtime.