It's time to leave weekend shifts and slow diagnostics in the past.


Focus on intelligence while your right-hand dbsnOOp Flightdeck monitors your database 24/7 and sends alerts when something goes awry. Plus, receive the path to quick resolution and insights into the performance of your database.

Less overtime and more control for you.

See the current database situation from the Dashboard, which provides a comprehensive, unique, and in-depth view.

All in one place: from instability alerts to quick-view charts of key performance indicators relevant for controlling the performance of your applications and database.

Receive insights and paths for anomaly and fraud resolution.

See predictive analyses, based on the detection of behavior patterns and discrepancies. Receive diagnostics with reports of slow queries, time intervals, and responses for improvement and increased database uptime.

See what happened in the past and understand the pattern of failures and the causes of problems.

Understand behavior patterns over the last months from unified and preventive background histories. All so that you can make subsequent improvements and avoid future incidents.

Visualize the server status in Real Time Monitoring and prevent instability in cases of peak demand with targeted solutions.

Facilitate database configuration by scheduling commands for any time and setting up scalable alerts for when it is offline.

Access all platforms in one place to have complete visibility of your database.

Identify problematic areas, audits, incident aids, and instances for an even more strategic decision-making.

More visibility, less headache, and more intelligence with dbsnoop Flightdeck.

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