Full database visibility for enhanced learning by IT teams in development.

Ensure support for students, staff, and faculty. Monitor data volume in one place and safeguard the security and privacy of collected data.

The education sector requires security, agility, and insights for problem resolution.

The education of IT teams deals with a large volume of data that requires proper management focusing on the security, structuring, and integration of the database.

The most comprehensive management for the educational environment

We know that managing the large volume of data in the education sector is not easy. For this management to work, it is essential for IT teams to focus on: managing and handling the volume of network traffic data; providing dedicated support to teachers and students, ensuring the excellence of learning; and robustly protecting the data of students and personal information contained in the system.

Understand in practice how dbsnOOp Flightdeck assists the education sector:

Detect threats and be predictive.

No vulnerable and susceptible educational environment. Confidential student data is adequately protected to prevent future issues.

Goodbye to instability and study interruptions.

With full-time monitoring, observability, and time-saving are guaranteed. Configure scalable actions and alerts for failures and incidents, thus optimizing problem resolution.

Monitor security status all in one place.

Maintain the privacy and security of student data. Academic records, financial information, and personal data are protected and managed, preventing potential threats of breaches and data theft.

Data histories for agile resolutions.

Visualize the behavior of recent failures. Make predictions of data volume supported by the system, understand demand peaks, and optimize problem resolution.

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