Reduce downtime and losses from your database failures.


With dbsnoop Flightdeck, you avoid losses by maintaining high performance with predictability so your business doesn't stop.

Analyze mean time between failures (MTTF), mean time to repair (MTTR) and mean time to acknowledge the issue (MTTA) for more informed decision-making.

Dbsnoop Flightdeck ensures your system quickly and effectively returns to operation within the predefined team response time, with a comprehensive understanding of downtime correction and system lifecycle.

Visualize alerts, infrastructure, availability, status, and database performance.

A comprehensive view presented in graphical format showcasing the key performance and metrics of your business’s database. Includes downtime duration, history of failures, interruptions, server activity status, and impact time.

Relieve the burden on DBA on-call duties, receive insights and paths to solutions for threshold failures and anomalies in your database.

Review the event history, perform predictive analyses, and have control over your data at your fingertips. An operational aid, available full time, promoting security and prevention through the analysis of behavioral patterns that provide diagnostics and reports suggesting solutions to enhance your business’s performance.

Configure alerts for hardware failures across the entire physical database structure.

Receive detailed escalatable alerts via email, check your server status in Real Time Monitoring. Schedule commands for when it’s offline and set up alert commands for a team member to resolve the situation.

Check your database history: failures, behavior patterns, and loads of atypical situations.

Understand the history of the last months, investigate the causes and roots of the problems, and predict future incidents to implement preventive strategies for your database.

Monitor your database in 360° and prevent the development of problems.

Don’t miss relevant information for decision-making, know the connected users, observe incidents, identify problematic areas, and track real-time performance.

dbsnoop Flightdeck, the ally for management with more predictability, intelligence, and high performance to ensure your business keeps running smoothly with sales.

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