Overcoming Challenges: How Our Online Games Client Increased Performance with dbsnOOp (3 Solutions from the Tool)

October 19, 2023 | por dbsnoop

Higher performance in online games servers with dbsnoop
Online games server get to perform better with dbsnoop

Online gaming is a rapidly growing industry, providing entertainment to millions of players worldwide, including in Brazil. However, to maintain a smooth and satisfying gaming experience, gaming companies face the challenge of ensuring their servers are running smoothly. In this case study, we’ll explore how our client, a Brazilian online gaming startup from São Paulo state, identified and overcame a performance bottleneck on their Linux servers with the help of dbsnOOp.

The Challenge

Our client operates a popular online gaming platform serving thousands of players in Brazil. Recently, the company began experiencing performance issues on their Linux servers, resulting in game delays, connection drops, and, most worryingly, a decrease in active players.

Analysts and engineers were determined to solve the problem but struggled to pinpoint the root cause of the performance bottleneck. They knew it was crucial for player retention and the company’s reputation that the gaming experience be flawless.

The Solution: Introducing dbsnOOp

In search of an effective solution, the IT team decided to implement dbsnOOp, a database and infrastructure observability platform. They believed dbsnOOp’s observability could provide detailed insights into the performance of their Linux servers and help identify the bottleneck.

Real-time MonitoringReal-Time Monitoring

dbsnOOp allowed the IT team to monitor the performance of the Linux servers in real-time. This included detailed metrics on CPU, memory, storage, and network latency. They could instantly see where resources were being heavily consumed.

Behavioral AnalysisBehavioral Analysis

The platform began learning the typical behavior of the Linux servers. As new data was collected, dbsnOOp compared the current behavior to the baseline and identified anomalies.

Bottleneck Identification

Thanks to dbsnOOp, the IT team was able to pinpoint the root cause of the performance bottleneck. It was found that a specific database process was consuming resources excessively, resulting in delays in processing game requests.

The Results on Games Servers

With the bottleneck identified, steps were quickly taken to optimize server performance. They adjusted the database configuration, reallocated resources, and optimized processes to improve efficiency.

The results were remarkable. After optimization, the number of complaints decreased significantly, players reported a better gaming experience. Delays disappeared, connection drops decreased drastically, and the active player rate increased considerably.


This case study illustrates how a budget-constrained online gaming startup overcame a performance challenge on their Linux servers with the help of dbsnOOp. Implementing the observability platform allowed the IT team to identify and address the performance bottleneck, resulting in an enhanced gaming experience for their players.

It’s a clear example of how observability can be a powerful tool for identifying issues, optimizing infrastructure, and ensuring the ongoing success of companies that rely on technology to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. In a world where performance is essential, dbsnOOp has proven to be a valuable ally for similar businesses.

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