Don’t Wait for Chaos: How to Easily Visualize, Manage and Monitor Your Disks

February 5, 2024 | por dbsnoop

manage and monitor tab within infrastructure feature in dbsnOOp flightdeck
Infrastructure – storage

Managing and monitoring databases has never been easier.

Explore the power of Flightdeck, dbsnOOp’s ultimate monitoring and observability tool, which goes beyond the conventional, allowing your DBAs to visualize all crucial elements of your IT infrastructure. In addition to manage and monitor Databases, Applications, APIs, Processes, Servers, Operating Systems, Networks, and more, we highlight the importance of proactive storage management.

When addressing disk management, it is vital to understand not only how much space has been provisioned but also how effectively we utilize this resource.

Our interface provides a comprehensive view of all disks and storage units on a single screen, consolidating information from multiple clouds and data centers. For example, imagine having a clear view of how much space is being consumed on local servers, public and private clouds, enabling strategic resource allocation.

This means that by analyzing storage spending, you can make informed decisions to optimize the use of your resources. Identifying areas where there may be redundancy or underutilization.

If, for example, a team is storing large amounts of data on a local server while the capacity of the public cloud remains underutilized, our platform allows you to identify these discrepancies and adjust storage allocation accordingly.

But we don’t stop there. With advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, we offer a unique predictive functionality. Imagine receiving proactive alerts indicating when a particular storage, disk, or partition is about to run out of space. This not only prevents unplanned outages but also allows you to take preventive measures by reallocating resources before capacity runs out when managing and monitoring your data environment.

Flightdeck by dbsnOOp is not just a monitoring tool; it is a strategic compass for the efficient management of your IT assets. From analyzing storage spending to proactively forecasting future needs, we offer a complete solution to keep your infrastructure operating at its peak capacity. The future of your storage starts here.

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