An intelligent ally for high performance and database insights.​

More than an assistant, your right arm. An ally that relieves DBA shifts, suggests insights, solutions and paths for failures and anomalies, such as fraud and intercurrences in your database. View event history and perform predictive analytics to stay in control of your data.

Your operational assistance. Full time, active and smart.

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Copilot works on prevention and security of your database. It monitors the entire history of the server, disks and processes, in addition to being a daily and multifunctional assistant that guarantees the performance of your bank through insights that allow you to work with predictive analysis.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Copilot detects patterns of behavior and routine of your server, identifies failures and discrepancies to generate alerts. Any anomaly on a threshold will not only be detected but will also have a path for troubleshooting.

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