About us

What is DBSnoop?

DBSnoop is a database monitoring platform, with embedded solutions to allow our specialized team to help you analyze your operation. We, as DBAs, designed it to help us to manage more servers, with less effort. Now, we’ve tailored it to allow the same to be true to other DBAs.

DBSnoop aims to be your daily assistant, alerting you of any incidents and giving you insights on how to prevent them. Therefore, it aims to make your job easier.

Was it tested?

DBSnoop is being used by us for the last 4 years in it’s current form. It’s been used for way longer, if you count its more primitive forms. It’s been proven to work well in mission critical scenarios. It is our most reliable monitoring tool.

Who’s behind DBSnoop?

We are a 30-year old São Paulo based company. We specialize in database consultancy operations.