Ticket Management

DBsnoop has an integrated ticket system, which can work with both manually created tickets, and auto-generated tickets. It also has a comprehensive report on them, complete with the time any user took with the tickets.

Manually created tickets are often created to make sure some activites are registered inside the system. But the real fun is in the auto-generated tickets.

Auto-Generated Tickets per Incident

Automatic tickets are created according to the tresholds that were set. Each treshold corresponds to an alert, and they do create tickets. These tickets will be updated if the treshold is further violated in a short period of time. Also, if DBSnoop can’t get the proper data, we do generate a ticket, to make sure the user knows that a capture failed.

The ticket system is complete with tags and allows for attachments. All of its info can be seen from the ticket list, or from reports that compile all the needed info in an easy-to-understand format.

A.I. Helper

Servers can go over their tresholds for a brief time. This is, obviously, not an issue. It’s almost expected. We can also have false-negatives on a ticket regarding a capture that failed.

That’s why we got an active A.I. treating most common tickets.

Through our experience treating database incidents and sustaining operations, we’ve compiled which tresholds can be considered safe for an A.I. to treat. That way, you won’t have to be worried with tickets regarding a single CPU usage spike, that lasted for less than a second. We’ll take care of that, and we’ll properly show you that it happened. But we’ll also leave you to attend to the most serious matters that can happen.

Obviously, this A.I. is constantly learning. For instance, the A.I. can learn through patterns that some operations are routine, so it could be safe to be handed a little leeway. Or that the CPU is spiking due to a scheduled backup. Again, this helps to make sure you’re always focused on the most serious matters.

Timesheet, Most Common Incidents… You name it

Reports can be very bureocratic, but proper reports can help a lot in understading how the operation is running. We do offer reports regarding the tickets that are generated and treated by humand and the A.I., and we’re also planning on having more comprehensive reports and dashboards in the future.