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Our award-winning Remote Database Administration (DBA) service has a tradition of more than 25 years. HTI Tecnologia serves companies and institutions from diverse markets and sectors. Delivering services remotely, whether in on-premise (hosted) or cloud environments. With the competence, seriousness, responsibility and confidentiality that this type of activity demands. We serve all major relational database (RDBMS) and non-relational (NoSQL) technologies from leading vendors such as MySQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, SAP Sybase, SAP Hana, Cassandra, Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB, and Neo4J. In addition, we support Cloud technologies such as Oracle Cloud, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Microsoft Azzure. The Remote DBA is a bespoke remote support service in which the roles, responsibilities, and the expected Service Level Agreement (SLA) are determined on a tailor made basis. Like all support services, it is a medium-term contract, with a minimum period of 12 months. Being able to be hired to take over all database operations, or even partially. It may be the database support effort, or as a high-level support for more complex and / or critical, on-demand issues. Tailored Premium Services: This is the name of the game.
Active Monitoring
24-hour monitoring is done through our DOC (Database Operations Center) through RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools. We use the main tools for database monitoring: Nagios, Zabbix, MONyog, in addition to our own DBSnoop tool. In this modality are monitored: service availability, stability, replication, disk, memory, processing, and a number of other metrics that indicate the health of the environment.

Behavior Monitoring
Typically, MSP (Managed Service Providers) companies monitor metrics related to the operation of a particular hardware and / or software. HTI Tecnologia decided to go beyond and define behavior metrics, such as: ingestion and manipulation of data, attempts to access protected objects and / or without permission for a given user. Viewing and changing sensitive data. We can also define usage metrics and data consumption, and, through algorithms, determine the expected behavior in the use and consumption of data. In this way, we can set thresholds to alert when something is out of acceptable.

Proactive Support and Troubleshooting
Through the statistical information provided by active monitoring our team of Senior DBAs will act to prevent problems and mitigate failures before they occur. Acting in problem solving in a preventive and corrective way.
Configuration Management
Composed of a series of activities and tools to control the changes related to the RDBMS, its accessories (plugins), and, above all, the embedded code in the RDBMS itself. Configuration management applies changes, updates, patches, and hot fixes to RDBMS components and all embedded code, controls, audits, and reports on its activities.
Emergency support (break & fix)
It broke? We Fix It! Problems, really, critics that unavailable an entire database environment is rare. However, when these events arise it is crucial to have the best team of Senior DBA’s to avoid losing valuable information, and to restore the environment in the shortest time possible. Our team is 24 hours a day, every day of the year, available for limit situations that require quick intervention and with great assertiveness.
Continuous Performance Tuning
Configuration settings of the RDBMS and Operating System according to the manufacturer and the demand required by the data consumption. Optimization of tables and indexes. Monitoring the degradation of indexes and their statistics. The constant monitoring of data growth and the way it is consumed is part of continuous performance improvement.
Security Management and Auditing
Control and management of users, roles, privileges, access and utilization / limitation of resources and consumption of database. Besides doing all the management of users (creation of users, passwords, permissions) this matter is also concerned with creating reports is metric as to what, when and how much is consumed.
Change Application
Application of changes in metadata (tables, columns, indexes, constraints, procedures, functions, etc). Record changes, and, “rollback” when needed.
Metadata Management
Validation of data modeling and support. Control over changes in metadata, thus avoiding service stops, and especially total and / or partial loss of information.
High Availability
Design and Support of high availability platforms. Monitoring, operation and testing. Synchronous replication, asynchronous, active-passive cluster, active-active cluster.
Continuity Management (Backup | Disaster Recover)
Application of best practices in maintaining a disaster prevention and continuity plan. Backup & Restore Techniques. Monitoring and testing of backups. Keeping backups in a safe place.
Capacity Plan
Applications grow. The data too. With the growth of databases, and the consequent increase in consumption can bring slowness to applications and services, and even denial of service. Our team will be one step ahead of these demands, making capacity plans, anticipating the need to increase resources, before these are effectively needed.


EAR – Environmental Analysis Report: In the months of January (December, November, October), April (January, February, March), July (April, May, June), and October (July, August, September) a In this report we present information such as: disk / memory / cpu consumption, vegetative growth of data / indexes / logs, problems, failures, errors, availability, etc.

QAR – Query Analysis Report: Weekly report will be sent with the 10 most impacting queries with comments and suggestions so that the development area can act on the rewriting of the same.