Linux Monitor

DBSnoop can monitor your database’s Linux Host too, to guarantee everything is working flawlessly, and to gather historic data for advices on how to prevent situations in which downtime can occur.

We’re currently compatible with:

  • CentOS 5+
  • Redhat 5+
  • Ubuntu 11+
  • Suse 12+
  • OpenSuse 12+
  • Debian 6+


CPU Monitor 

DBSnoop constantly monitors the CPU usage, gathering important data for system analysis. With this info, it’s possible to pinpoint CPU – or even other resources – as being a major bottleneck. Also, we do keep a track on other running process. This is key to make sure the database host isn’t being used by other processes.

Disk I/O and Space Usage

Our agent collects statistics about the disk usage – both in I.O. and capacity. We can find possible bottlenecks and also estimate the data growth with this. This is key in preventing disks being filled. It also makes it easy to take action, since you’ll know when a disk will actually fill.

RAM and Swap Memory 

We constantly monitor memory usage – both RAM and Swap. With this, we can prevent out-of-memory calls and Swap fill-ups. Therefore, we can prevent situations that do slow down the whole operation.


We monitor OS connections, making sure nothing’s filling the pool of available TCP/IP connections on the system.


DBSnoop monitors who’s connect to the system at regular intervals. This helps us to understand some incidents, and especially helps in auditing.